Players’ Suggestions, Q&A



Here are a selection of ideas from people who enjoy Political Zingers!

1. Stack the Deck! – From Rita R, Maine

If some particular politicians have been in the news lately or if you know your friends will have strong opinions about a few, put them on the top of the Subject deck and make sure everybody gets their jabs in!

2. Tell first-time players to not be too literal – From Rich S – Washington

Some of my friends who seldom play games have started off saying things like “Donald trump would never say that about himself…”   With just a bit of encouragement they realize it’s just a game and the goal is to have fun, not necessarily to be literally correct.

3. Play your favorites – From John M, Connecticut

There are a lot of the zingers that crack me up every time.  If it’s the same for you, make sure they get dealt out early so everybody gets a shot at them

4. Use those extra subject cards – Bobby A,  Massachusetts

Ha!  Good-bye Rick Perry.  But glad for all the blank cards you gave us.  I replaced him with the mayor of my town- using a laundry marker. Works fine.

5. Be relaxed – this game is for fun, not competition – Jackie D, Colorado

There are so many great cartoons, nobody should be stuck if they don’t like some of theirs– just let people trade them or take as many cards as they want.  And if the leader of a round doesn’t like the politician card or story line card they draw, let them change it.  Keep it light and its a blast!

6. Show people an example– Like if you’re a Republican, what are some cartoons you would you likely aim at Democrats and which for the Republicans you like? – Neil V,  NH

Answer: Here you go, but, remember it would look very different from a Democrat’s point of view:

Example:  Possible GOP view of Democratic candidates:

Liberals negative composite

Example:  Possible GOP view of their own candidates:

GOP positive composite


1. Digital version of Zinger cartoon cards? – Ken B, Florida

These cartoons are so cool!  I want to use some on Twitter.  Can you sell a download?

  – Reply: Sorry, we don’t sell digital images.  We’ll note your interest in case of change

2. Your “empty head” logo is great and I’m thinking about throwing a theme party.  Do you have T shirts, baseball caps or pins with it?  Donny W, UMass

– Reply: We haven’t had requests before but could make them if there’s demand. Please let us know how many you’d like and whether you’d like the title and tagline on the image.  Others: Please also let us know if you have any interest, since thecost of production is high if volume is small.


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